chemical dossing system

chemical dossing pump

watr valley supply a range of high-quality Prominent solenoid dosing pumps & low cost Electromagnetic metering dosing pumps readily available for ordering online.

water valley chemical metering pumps are ideal for applications including water treatment chemical dosing, cooling tower biocide dosing, inhibitor dosing, pH control and adjustment, detergent dosing, swimming pool chemical treatment applications and many other commercial and industrial process applications.
Consumables including pump servicing parts are also available

chemical dossing pots

water valley range of high quality chemical dosing pots are manufactured to the highest quality standards and fabricated using seam welded tubes.

Each dosing pot incorporates an inlet, outlet and air purge valve making them ideal for a range of dosing applications.
Maximum operating pressure for dosing pots is between 10 – 12 bar.
Sizes typically range between 15-60 liter with other sizes available on request.
Chemical dosing pots are ideal ways to dose chemical into a pressurised closed water heating system, inhibitor chemicals are normally dosed as a percentage of system volume so it is important to keep this data on hand when calculating recommended chemical reserve.

automatic control system

we offer wide range of Controllers for measurement and proportional control of pH, Redox, Chlorine and conductivity.

our Controller series features is innovative Toroidal sensor technology. Toroidal sensors are not susceptible to fouling and eliminate the need for routine cleaning and calibration. The controller comes standard with selectable timer, Dry contact/ Hall Effect water meter input, dual biocide with pre-bleed, lockout, inhibitor interface, and four programmable start times per biocide, 4-20mA output, dry contact alarm output and 3 drum level inputs.