HEYL Products

HEYL Products


water valley become a official distributor of HEYL products :

TESTOMAT range – Easy to use, custom operation, accurate, fully customizable.

·         Manual Range of Test Kits – Mobile, fast and inexpensive.

·         Reagents / Indicators – TESTOMAT / TITROMAT / 8080.

·         Reduction of energy costs through online monitoring of Water Quality.

·         The importance of fluid purity.

·         Water quality – The main parameter.


Fact Sheet Product Family – Chemistry_GB251120Fact Sheet Product Family – Reagents_GB251120Fact Sheet Product Family – Testomat_GB251120Importance Fluid Purity_GB_091219Reduced Energy Costs_GB190924 (1)Water Treatment – Dialysis (4P)_GB091219


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